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About Us

The Pekingese Charitable Foundation was founded in 1998. The goal of the organization is to provide rescue services for homeless Pekingese dogs throughout the United States, and to foster health research on topics relevant to the Pekingese.

The workings of the foundation are overseen by a Board of Directors and by two Advisory Committees made up of dedicated Pekingese owners whose responsibility is to work towards the overall goals of the foundation. The Pekingese Charitable Foundation raises funds for much-needed health research, as well as funds to help combat the enormous problem of homelessness among Pekingese dogs.

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Visit the Rescue Volunteers page and see dozens of the Pekingese in every size shape and color that we have helped to find homes.

We are dedicated to the well being of Pekingese

We accept our responsibility for protecting the welfare of all Pekingese dogs, regardless of origin or pedigree.

We are dedicated to finding the best possible home for each dog, and to fostering responsible pet ownership to prevent pet overpopulation while appreciating the immeasurable value of pet ownership in our society.